Wedding ring: opt for a natural stone with various virtues

Wedding ring

Shopping for jewelry can prove a daunting task due to the many choices available. While many millennials prefer shiny stones, e.g., rings made from diamond and gold, any jewel connoisseur will tell you that stone jewellery is some of the most popular globally. Natural stone jewellery has been popular since the days of the early man. A simple look at the collection present on will help confirm this fact. Currently, the most popular and beautiful jewellery collections rely on the use of diverse stone properties to help them add a sense of beauty. Nonetheless, apart from their renowned beauty and appearance, you will find that there are other reasons and benefits to consider wearing this type of jewellery.

Common Natural Stones Jewellery

Before taking a look at the reasons why you should wear this jewellery, why not first take a look at the most common jewellery you are likely to find today. Natural Stone Jewellery includes sandstone and slate jewellery. Other stones that are commonly used in making jewellery include limestone, marble, granite, and travertine. There are numerous reasons to wear natural stones in your wedding ring. Stone virtues and their beauty are some of the reasons why you ought to consider including these stones in your wedding ring. Other reasons include:

Versatile Designs

It is possible to choose a good stone for use in an engagement ring or even wedding ring, bracelet, necklace, or earring. Whether you want to have it included in your necklace to wear for the evening or on your wedding ring, there are many stones to choose from. Slate and sandstone will be the ideal stones for these pieces.

Timeless Beauty and Elegance

Stone properties vary from stone to stone. While gemstones are known for their stylish and chic look, the natural variety is renowned for their purity and clarity. A wedding ring made from this type of stone is ageless and is one that will help take you back to the golden years thanks to their timeless look. It is a look that you cannot easily find in the new artificial jewellery being produced today. For example, wearing a granite or travertine ring will help provide you with a beautiful and one-of-a-kind look. It is a look that cannot easily be replicated by any other type of jewellery. If you want to achieve a natural, timeless, and elegant look, then you will have no option but to rely on the grace provided by limestone and its counterparts. Wearing a granite wedding look automatically sets you apart from the other brides, and also helps to provide you with that desired, but effortless look each bride wants to have when getting married.

Litho Therapy and the Natural Stone

It is not possible to understand this type of stones without referring to ancient times. Any person who loves them knows that each stone has its own set of stone properties that helps to differentiate from the other stones. During the ancient times, many people held the belief that these stones carried both spiritual and health benefits, which is the litho therapy premise. There are some civilizations that relied on the stones to assist in facilitating the flow of energy throughout the whole body. Despite the passage of time, there are people who hold a firm belief in their benefits. In many cases, the stones are used in spiritual benefits known to promote a completely different type of healing. For instance, there are individuals who use different stones to assist in restoring a feeling of peace, promote well-being, and restore a balance of energy in the body. Based on the properties and composition of the stone, the two work together to help an individual achieve homeostasis in different parts of their bodies, spirits, and minds. The reason why the stones have such a profound effect on the body of a human being is due to the fact that bodies are primarily made up of cells. The cells are, therefore, able to resonate with a similar silicon-dioxide makeup found inside the crystals. The materials, thus, get to bring about a vibratory effect that is premised on various laws used in physics. Many of these laws are those dealing with the flow and transfer of energy. It is, however, important to note that all stones have different chemical compositions. This means that each stone is likely to produce an effect that is different from the one produced by other stones. Examples of jewellery made from these stones include: Sodalite Stone. Sodalite is a rock that got its name from its high sodium content. The stone is mainly found in silica-poor rocks that are located inside cavities in chunks that once expelled volcano. It is a stone that assists in developing communication and trust. It does this by increasing intuition and awareness. Red Jasper. It is a form of the microcrystalline quartz combined with materials obtained from other environments. It is a type of the quartz rock featuring a brick red colour. The stone helps to stabilize your body when it is facing high levels of stress.


Jewellery made from this type of stone has been around for more than a millennium. Historians have accurately documented its history including its uses dating all the way back to 4000BC. If you are looking for something unique that will not only help you stand out but promote your general wellbeing, then you should definitely consider getting yourself one of these stones.

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