Wedding preparation: create a glamorous look using eyelash extensions products

Wedding preparation: create a glamorous look using eyelash extensions products

Published on : 24 June 20194 min reading time

Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day, and an eyelash extension can play a big part in creating a glamorous appearance. Misencil.comprovide great products for creating stylish and long-lasting eyelash extensions that you can even do yourself. This guide will help you choose and maintain your eyelash extensions.

What are Eyelash Extensions and how can they help you?

Eyelash extension differ from false lashes in that they are attached to your own lashes using a semi-permanent adhesive and should usually be applied in a salon by a lash stylish. The extensions are usually only applied to the top lash line, although nothing is written in stone. The lashes can be attached to yours individually, or in bunches. There is also a full set option, where they are applied to all of your singular lashes, or a partial set, where they are attached from the middle to the outside lash line of your eyelashes. Industry innovations are resulting in an ever-wider variety, with plenty of customised options to choose from. Salons will stock different choices of material, to fit with your budget and your desired look. The most common varieties come in synthetic, mink and faux mink. You should have a discussion with a lash artist to see which lashes will best suit you. This will be determined by a number of factors.

These include:
• Eye shape
• Eye size
• Eyelid shape
• Orientation of eyes
• Eye colour
• Quality of natural eyelashes
• Desired look
• Your preferences
• Allergies or sensitivities
• Willingness to upkeep

Deciding on Length, Curl Type and Colour

Most lashes are available from 9 mm to 15 mm. The length you choose will be subject to the width or thinness of your own lashes. Your eyelashes will only be able to support long extensions, if you have naturally long and thick eyelashes of your own. Similarly, if you have short and thin natural eyelashes you will have to look at the smaller end of the extension spectrum. After having decided on the length you can start to look at the curl types. The “j” curl is a more natural style. The “C” curl is for when you want draw all the attention in the room. It is also possible to combine the curls to produce a more dramatic “C” curl that sits on the outer verge of your eyes. As well as, the variety of materials and curls available there is also a range of colour choices for you to choose from. There are the classic black lashes, which never go out of fashion, or full sets of coloured extensions, for the more daring amongst us. You can even combine colours, to create a look similar to having highlights in your hair by intermingling coloured extensions with a more natural looking colour.

Use a Salon or Do It Yourself

As you should do with all other cosmetic professional, it is a good idea to thoroughly vet any lash salon you are considering. Losing expensive lashes due to bad application can, and should be infuriating. Talk to friends and family, do your homework and read reviews. There are eyelash extensions products you can buy, both online and in stores. When planning to do them yourself, you should buy your eyelash extension products through a beauty supply shop. A kit will come complete with different lash sizes, and the correct tools you’ll need to apply them. If this is your first time applying extensions, purchasing a kit is sure to make the experience as easy as possible. If you don’t want to risk any mishaps on your special day, you could enroll on an eyelash extensions class to make sure your results are flawless.

Hopefully this article has given you a little insight into your options for your big day. There is a lot to consider, but when it comes to creating a glamorous look at your wedding, using eyelash extensions can make all the difference.

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