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Swim, Bike, and Run – Train with a Triathlon Coach

A good coach for triathlon should be an expert when it comes to endurance racing. This is important in order for him to be able to properly help other people to train. It is also vital for a triathlon coach to be able to adjust to every person’s skills and level of experiences. The experience in racing and to be able to share that with other people is a good quality required for a triathlon trainer.

It is the instructor’s job to assess your knowledge about what to face in a triathlon challenge. What you should know is that, triathlon challenges (sometimes referred to as IRONMAN challenge) would include a 2.4 mile swim, and then a 112 mile bike and finally a 26.2 mile run. These challenges must be completed in succession. The distances vary with each part of the race. The race course and details should be one of the things you should be knowledgeable about after you have signed up to be in the race. Knowing every specific information pertaining to the challenges you would face is necessary so you can properly train for it.

You will then have your fitness level evaluated by your trainer. Your training will be based according to your experiences and skills. Those who do not have any experience in endurance sports will be trained differently from those who competed in endurance races before.

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Training will be adjusted depending on each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Training regimens are a case to cases basis and will have to be adjusted accordingly to fits every individual’s needs.

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Training is influenced by several elements. Your training will be dependent on your energy and willingness to reach your objective. Every person have different workout schedules and this will be mostly based on how much exercise a person used to have before joining up for a triathlon. These schedules are not according to skill level but more so on the person’s lifestyle. For example, a person in a full time job with kids to take care of will not be able to have enough time for a workout and will likely have less energy as compared to someone who spends most of his time in the gym.

These lifestyle differences will be taken into consideration in order for your coach to create a suitable workout schedule. The pool, a bike course and a running track will consist of your workout schedule. You will have to build up your skills in all three parts of the race.

Your training will have both long term and short term goals with your coach following your improvements in each area. Improvement in your speed and how long you can endure will be monitored during workout. You will start slow and will progress into more intensive workouts to improve every aspect of your skill. A good endurance coach will ensure safe workout regimens to avoid injury.

Find someone to train you who will be able to pass on their knowledge and skill in triathlon challenges. Find a coach who have firsthand experience in triathlons and will be able to train people with different level of strength. You will surely reach your goal with the right motivation and the right instructor.

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