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It is fair to say that the dating landscape of 2020 is entirely different to the dating landscape that your parents had to navigate as young lovers. Once upon a time it was common to go to a bar or club and meet your soulmate, or head to the library and bump into the person you were going to spend the rest of your life with, but nowadays the primary way of making connections with potential flames is through the internet. From dedicated apps to specialized websites like, the online world is full of businesses who make it their mission to match you up with the man or woman of your dreams. Many of these are paid sites, but even more of them are totally free online dating sites in the UK. With these specifically in mind, here are some of the best tips for having a successful experience

Remember to Be Yourself

This might sound completely obvious, but you would be amazed by how many people like to bend the truth on their online dating profiles. Every single person online is tempted to embellish their attributes and run their very best photos through even prettier filters, but something that you need to remember is that any successful connection is going to lead to a meeting, and during that meeting, you don't want to be found out to be a fraud! Don't use photos that are ten years old, and don't include interests and hobbies that aren't your real interests and hobbies. You are going to attract the wrong people from the off.

Don't Be Scared of Being Picky

When it comes to the internet, there really are plenty more fish in the sea, so don't get carried away by agreeing to dates with the very first people that contact you. Out of the 100 free dating sites in the UK and beyond, there are always going to be men or women who want to get to know you better. It is up to you to be discerning enough to know when a connection feels authentic and when somebody is just messaging and flirting for the sake of it.

Try to Be Original

Consider the sheer amount of people that use free dating apps and websites in the UK in particular; you need to try to find ways to make yourself stand out from the crowd of potential partners. Forget lines like "I love music and taking long walks on the beach", they have been seen before, and they stopped working a long time ago. Try to think about the most interesting parts of your life and mention them instead. The more out of the box, the better!

Try Making the First Move

When it comes to finding your one true love, there really is no time to waste! Women in particular have been conditioned by traditional society to wait for a man to make the first move, but why does that have to be the case in 2020? If you find a match that you think is promising, don't be afraid to put yourself out there and send the first message. It is striking to think about how many love connections might have been lost over the years due to shyness from one side of the partnership. Don't let that be your fate on your online dating journey!

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