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Tips for free online dating

It is fair to say that the dating landscape of 2020 is entirely different to the dating landscape that your parents had to navigate as young lovers. Once upon a time it was common to go to a bar or…

About Carat Weight

Carat (ct) is a measurement of weight, not size. There are five carats to a gram. A 1 ct sapphire is smaller in size than a 1 ct diamond because it is heavier. There are 100 points to a carat, so a 50…

About Diamond Cuts

A rough diamond looks like any other rock until it is “cut” into many facets at optimum angles to produce maximum brilliance (sparkle) and fire (reflected colors). The quality of the cut is known as the “make”.

About Diamond Clarity

A diamond’s clarity grade is actually a flaw-grade and refers to the tiny imperfections present when the stone was originally formed by nature. If no flaws can be seen under 10X magnification, such as with a diamond loupe, it is…

Diamond Grading

Diamond color is graded from D-F (colorless) through G-J (near colorless), K-M (faint yellow), N-R (very light yellow) down to S-Z (light yellow). In the K-R range you sometimes get a very light brown called “champagne” and a darker brown…

About Diamond Color

The lack of natural body color is a major factor in determining the value of a diamond. The most expensive are colorless and are graded downward by the amount of yellowish or brownish tint they have.

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