If the engagement ring is set with a diamond, it is first because this gemstone is a universally recognized symbol of love.

A ring
for life

An engagement ring is above all the symbol of a commitment, that of getting married and sharing the life of your partner on a daily basis.

Your pre-wedding preparation

Wedding information

Where does the wedding ring tradition come from?

Where does this tradition of wearing a ring come from, and why, in most Western cultures, is it worn on the left ring finger? What are the other symbols of the alliance? Let's discover today, through its history and origins.

The tradition of exchanging alliances between partners

The exchange of alliances is a crucial moment in the wedding ceremony shared by the spouses and their guests. The covenant represents the promise of love, fidelity and commitment. It concretizes the union of the married couple's life.

Wedding countdown

That's it, it's decided, you're going to get married...You already imagine your dress, maybe your wedding ring, the friends invited, the kiss in front of the altar...But, more prosaically, the wedding it's also a big organizational question! Plan your wedding is to find the reception room, the caterer, deposit the papers in time at the town hall, plan the announcements...To avoid losing your footing, you will need a shock ally: the retro schedule!